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ICOOL Pacific Pty Ltd is a professional, passionate and accomplished building material fabricator. Our team of experienced technicians develop, design and manufacture ICOOL®'s products with the understanding of market demand to our customers worldwide.

ICOOL is known as a "one stop shop" with an emphasis on excellent product quality and exceptional customer service. We manufacture an extensive line of products including Copper and Brass Fittings that are used in dynamic applications from potable & solar hot water to gas. It’s also recognized as a versatile supplier of copper pipe, valve and refrigerant products in several industries, including plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration.

With our pioneering spirit and strong desire to continuously innovate the products, detailed attention towards quality and service, we believe in LEAK-FREE quality assurance, WORRY-FREE customer satisfaction and always be ready to steer pioneering for you.

ICOOL Pacific - Key Approaches


We consider quality as our code of conduct in every detail. From raw material, each process of production, experimental test to final output, we are strictly commit to "leak-free" quality assurance.


Meeting clients’ needs is behind our motivation to be a reliable supplier to industry. We take care of our clients concerns and deliver a “worry-free” service to all clients. We strive to achieve long term growth through our co-operation with our clients.


We are continuously on the look out for new, innovative products and solutions. We are dedicated to extremely high goals and seek to act as a pioneer in making our industry the most advanced.


Size range from 15mm to 100mm. All fittings are made of the best quality copper or brass


Hot & cold potable water


We place a large emphasis on quality, so you can be assured that if any products carry the Icool logo, you are buying a high quality, well supported product backed by Icool Pacific. To back this up, when using Icool Press products with Type A and B copper tube compliant with AS1432 other than Icool copper tube, Icool Pacific will provide warranty for the same period of the copper tube used, to a maximum of 25 Years. If the copper tube warranty on the tube used is 10 years, then the Icool warranty for the Icool Press fitting is also 10 Years. This is a maximum 25 year guarantee against faults caused by defective manufacturing of Icool Press fittings.

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